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The sales secrets behind-the-scenes

The scene and the backstage are two main workspaces of the actors. On the stage they show their skills, they make the audience to sob, laugh, hate, empathize. What happens behind the scenes isn’t visible to the viewer, there is no the game, but thanks to the behind-the-scenes processes the viewer gets what he comes to the theater for.

The analogy with the theater can be conducted between all kinds of human activity, and with sales as well. What the buyer sees is a scene. But, what happens behind the scenes of the sales? Let’s look together.

Behind the scenes of the sales there are some secret rules which sellers are taught to keep.

  1. The knowledge of the target audience and their needs.belye-metody-prodvizheniya-sajta_1

The actors in the theater of the sales must be self-confident and behave with a dignity. They must thoroughly know the goods which they offer, its characteristics, properties, and the needs which this product is able to satisfy. Based on the knowledge of these needs, salesmen recognize potential buyers.

  1. The interaction with the “spectator”

Just like artists interact with the viewer, sales managers must interact with their customers. They do this by asking questions to the buyer. About 30% of the time sellers have to talk, and 70% – actively listen and fill in the gaps in the information about the buyer. The buyers should feel like the seller is sincerely interested in them.

  1. The awakening of the imagination of the “spectator”

The seller should describe the goods using the brightest adjectives which will paint colorful pictures in the head of the buyers. The description should be wrapped in the beautiful words and phrases and pour like a song.

  1. The provision of facts

The sales manager must have the knowledge of the product and they have to display them in the dialogue. You can resort to the figures and statistics. It is important to be honest and truthfully help the buyer to see all the benefits of the offer.

  1. Foul language

Despite the rapid change in the language of the theater, there is still no place for the obscene vocabulary. In addition to the prohibition of the obscene vocabulary, there are some phrases that cannot be used in sales.

  1. The spectator is always right.

If the viewer didn’t believe the actors – no one would dare accuse him of the fact that the viewer doesn’t understand the essence of acting. The spectator is guided by the feelings and emotions that the actor awakens in him. The same in the sales. If the seller could not convince the buyer, it means only that the seller does something wrong.

These are the behind the scenes rules of sales. As we can see a good seller should be a little bit of an actor. Sincerely listen to every word of the buyer, laugh with his jokes, sympathize, share fears. At the same time, the seller should play his role, but not put it above the interests of his viewer.

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