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Why it is need to use primer before wallpapers gluing?

What is special in the wallpaper gluing ? It would seem all you need it is just a good glue and properly cut off linens. However, not everything is as simple as it could seems at first view. So that your works do not fall off the walls on the second day, you need a good base for work. Here, the primer is the best chief assistant.

Why primer is needed?

Зачем нужна грунтовка?There is a rule: the surface for any work must be dry, clean and free of dust. The tasks of priming materials:

What can happen without priming of the surfaces for wallpapers gluing?

Any mineral wall has a feature to absorb moisture actively. The wallpaper glue simply sinks deep into the unprimed wall, leaving only a minimum of the active adhesives on the surface. Consequences of wallpapers gluing without priming:

Someone tries to save the situation already in the process of gluing and apply the glue in several layers until it remains on the wall. This significantly increase the consumption of adhesive materials, but does not guarantee a strong adhesion of the wallpapers to the wall. It turns out to be expensive for the material, troublesome and unreliable. The tested and optimal option is the previous priming of the walls.

How to primer the walls for wallpaper gluing?

An important point: there are several walls of different purposes and different degrees of absorbency are combined in one room. The partition-walls absorb moisture more actively, the thin partitions from drywall – weaker. There are primers for each types of the walls in the TRIORA range.

It does not mean that you need to buy two or three kinds of primer materials for one room. For the repair in a normal room with normal humidity, experts advise to use the primer of deep penetration by TRIORA. грунтовка глубокого проникновения TRIORAThe material of high concentration, with the smallest particles of substances, penetrates deep into the surface and firmly bonds the mineral particles. In the start concentration, a part of the primer can be used for the most load-bearing walls. If you dilute the remainder in ratio of 1:2, you get a lighter material for less absorbent surfaces.

How many layers of primer are needed for the wallpaper gluing?

Here you can follow such a formula: the higher the concentration of the primer, the fewer layers are needed. After priming, the wall has not to:

The latter is easy to verify. Attach a wet hand to the wall. If there is no trace, then a primer coat is sufficient, if there is a trace – more primer is needed.

One more important nuance: it is better not to overdo with primer. The glossy walls do not hold the subsequent deposited materials.

The priming of the walls before gluing helps to strengthen them; ensures an economical and even distribution of the glue over the surface. So the canvas is densely glued to the walls, do not fall off, has no stains. Why to use primer before wallpapers gluing? The answer is for a quality result for many years.

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