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What paint to choose for the insulated facade?

Insulated facades are practical, economical and profitable. However, this rational investment can be reduced to zero easily by choosing the inappropriate paint for your insulation system. How to avoid mistakes? Which façade paint would be suitable exactly for you? We share the experience of professionals.

Prepare your house for the heating season in summer

Готовь дом к отопительному сезону летомToday, foam plastic and mineral wool are the most popular materials for facades insulation. Both of them have important advantages and, with properly carried out, help to warm the house.

Foam plastic:

Mineral wool:

All these features should be taken into account when you are choosing the paint for the finishing coating of your system. Otherwise, an unsightly facade with shabby paint and repeated investments in repairing the insulation system are waiting for you.

What kind of paint to choose for a warm facade?

Какую краску выбрать для утепленного фасада?The first thing that is important to pay attention to choosing paints is their vapor permeability, the ability of the paint to let air into and out the walls. Often it is called as “breathable” coating. All the façade paints by TRIORA has this property in varying degrees.  

Facade paints are divided into groups according to the main constituent substance; differ in strength and duration of coating service. Let’s take a closer look with the example of paints TRIORA.

Acrylic facade paints by TRIORA

Silicone materials by TRIORA

Solventborne all-weather exterior paint piolite by TRIORA

The most important thing in the material selecting is to take into account the properties of the obtained coating and their compliance with the requirements of the surface the coating is applied on.

How to paint the facade?

Почему фасады выгорают?How to choose the best option for each material? Focus on how the heater absorbs moisture.

In the case of using other coatings, moisture will not evaporate freely, will undermine the paint material, and create negative conditions for the insulation.

Important: do not combine materials of different composition during applying. It concerns especially the facades with mineral wool. You create a surface conflict by using acrylic putty and silicone paint or vice versa. A denser material neutralizes the necessary properties of another one.

Why do fronts burn out?

Как красить фасад?This is the second from the most common mistakes of painting the facades. The cover holds and everything is in order, but the color fades already in the first year after warming. The reason is in incorrect selection of colorants. It is important to use colorants only from the palette for facade paints for paints that are used on the street. Here colorants have a high resistance to ultraviolet and do not burn out in the sun. If the paint has burnt out, then a colorant for interior paints designed only for indoor use were used. Selecting the color of the facade, proceed only from the colors of the special palette.

The facade warming is a time-consuming and expensive process. However, if you follow the entire technology of insulation and choose the most suitable paint, the insulated façade saves the warmth of your home for many years and many resources also.

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