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How Children’s Day was celebrated at ZIP Company?

Do you like children’s holidays? We do! Our company has a long tradition of the Children’s Day celebrating with unusual programs.

экскурсия на ЗИП День защиты детей

 It is a real event of the year for the heirs of ZIP employees. Only this day they can come to their work and see what moms and dads do, find out all the interesting things about the paints production, have a little bit fun and be refreshed with a special bakery.

This year more than 50 children, aged from four to 16, came to visit the ZIP. Each division from all operating department prepared its program for excursionists.

This year, the organizers worked out the program for those who are for the first time at the company and for children who have already been here.

гости на ЗИПе творческое задание

As a dessert of the holiday, children got a creative task. They had to decorate the fence of the enterprise, and not just that! According to legend, the hot savanna flooded with rain and washed away all the colors. Only the Zebra remained with its branded black and white stripes. The task of the guests was to go through a difficult path from contests, riddles and competitions, to get to the storehouse of paints and help Zebra to decorate its savanna with new, bright colors.рисунки на стене

Young artists showed the adults an entirely different, colorful world and left their handprints on the wall.

Guests took home bright impressions, presents and an invitation to repeat the SUPER day next year.

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