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All you need to know about acrylic paints

Repair is ahead, paints for walls are in the prior of purchases. What is important to know about the material so as not to be mistaken? We tell the most important details for the correct finishing materials selection.

How to choose the best material for painting?

Как выбрать лучший материал для покраскиThe concept of acrylic paints combines environmentally friendly materials based on water, which are used in construction and repair. Each paint has:

  1. Type of destination: façade, interior, ceiling or wall.
  2. Specific operating conditions: could be washed or not, resistance to temperature changes, moisture resistance.
  3. Visual effect: matte or glossy coating, reflects or absorbs the light, could be colored and in which colors.

Paints by TRIORA keep track of all the most popular requests. There are materials for ceilings and living rooms, for bathrooms, where the humidity is hide, for summer kitchens and facades, which fall under the influence of different temperatures.

Ask yourself three questions to choose the right paint:

The answers are the main requirements on which the material choice depends.

For example, you want to paint the walls in the kitchen. Here you definitely need a durable washable paint for walls. There are two options – facade paint and semi-matt interior paint by TRIORA. Using these materials, you get the finish coating close to the tile for strength.

The second moment is aesthetic. Facade paint creates a matte finish coating. It could be colored in TRIORAs’ studios in more than 200 colors. The interior one creates a coating with a light shine. This paint could be colored in almost 1000 colors. Here the choice depends on personal taste.

фасадная краска полуматовая краска Шелковистая краска

What is worth reading on the label of the material?

A little secret: matte paint absorbs light and hides small irregularities of the walls. Glossy paint, on the contrary, reflects light, emphasizes texture, and requires careful preparation for painting.

How much does acrylic paint cost?

Сколько стоит акриловая краскаA pressing financial issue often becomes №1 in the material selection. What does the price say about? It says about what raw materials were used in the manufacture of the material. For example, the raw materials of European production, which is used in paints TRIORA, costs an order of magnitude higher than domestic ones, but the quality of paints with them is better. Coating life duration is often depends on the quality of paints. In practice, it is checked: inexpensive paints serve up to 3 years, whereas material that is more expensive decorates the walls from 5 years. Look at how long you are comfortable with.

Where to buy acrylic paints by TRIORA?

Building supermarkets, shops or trading platforms in the network.  You can find the complete TRIORA collection in all points. Do not forget that the correct selection of finishing materials affects the quality of the result of the works.

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