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War with mold: bio protective agent by TRIORA

In ancient times, it was believed that if the mold hit the house, it must be burned with all the contents. Is it shocking? Alas, there was not another way to overcome the mold. People had to sacrifice housing in favor of health. Today everything is much easier. You can take care about the protection of the house from mold with the help of special effective remedy. Our offer is a bio protective agent by TRIORA.

What the bio protective agent by TRIORA is?

Что такое биозащитное средство TRIORABio protective agent by TRIORA was created as a solution of the one of the most common problems that arise in housing. With its help, you can get rid of mold without resorting to radical methods.

The main means are biocide, a substance that destroys harmful living organisms. Penetrating deep into the wall, the biocide kills the roots of mold and stops its further development.

Features of bio protective agent by TRIORA:

Declare war on mold!

Fighting with mold in the room involves not just treating the affected surface, but careful systematic repair. You need to be prepared for the fact that getting rid of the mold bring you at least the affected wall in the room. It require additional updating works.

How to conduct work?

  1. Take care of respiratory protection, eyes and hands, avoid contact with mold and contaminated dust.
  2. Clean the mold from the wall with the help of sandpaper, spatula, and a metal brush. The walls must be cleaned over the entire area of ​​the lesion, plus another 10-15 centimeters around this zone.
  3. Apply bio protective agent by TRIORA thoroughly.
  4. When the wall dries, you can perform other repairs

How to avoid the appearance of mold in the future?

Yes, biosecurity disinfects the surface, kills the existing fungus on it and really hedges against its subsequent appearance. Just remember, that is possible only if the right microclimate in the room after repair is maintained.

How to achieve this?

Use bio protective agent by TRIORA while repairing the house, or repetitive repair works. This powerful antiseptic effectively disinfects the walls of the house and protects against dangerous phenomena for a long time. Investing in complex work once and improving the microclimate, you can successfully get rid of mold for many years.

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