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Colors that will be familiar to everybody in 2018

Everyone, who has dealings with fashion world, knows how important color is. And if you want to keep up with the color fashion, it’s not enough just to learn the TOP-10 colors of the year. You have to get acquainted with their competitors. Let’s find out what colors will be familiar to everybody in 2018.

In tone with Pantone

There are strict legislators in the world of color fashion. Every year the Pantone Color Institute publishes 10 trend colors of the season, which then actively used by designers in all spheres. These colors are selected by specialists through research of social moods, popularity of colors of the last season. As a rule, colors without risk of loss blend in fashion both in clothes and interior design. Therefore, speaking of the fashionable shades of the season, it is worth considering the TOP 10 Pantone colors. Here they are:В тон Pantone

  1. The Red “Grenadine”
  2. Bordeaux “Port”
  3. Pink “Ballet Slipper”
  4. “Oily beige”
  5. Blue “Sea Peony”
  6. “Neutral Gray”
  7. Green “Shady Spruce”
  8. Golden “Lime”
  9. Blue “Marina”
  10. Orange “Autumn Maple”

What’s interesting is that other colors designers are also predicting popularity this year for, are shades derived from this pantone 10’s. For example, turquoise, which promises to be fashionable in the interior, is close to the blue “Sea Peony” from Pantone, and to the color of “Shady Spruce”. This is due to the fact that a person subconsciously leans toward the color that seems more comfortable. Someone, perhaps, is ready to paint the walls in a dark blue color, and someone want to see in the interior only a slight heavenly shade.

What else is going to be fashionable?

According to interior design specialists, these colors are going to be popular in 2018:

  1. Turquoise
  2. Blue
  3. Peach
  4. Yellow
  5. Brown
  6. Khaki
  7. Brick
  8. Dark aubergine

In addition, nude shades and colors from the blue-green palette is going to be used actively. From the basic –white, gray and black are still popular.

If you prefer pastel colors, choose their cool shades, without yellowness. To make the interior look interesting, use unusual combinations – it’s in fashion now. It is also good to use deep colors for decorating walls, bright colors in furniture, wood and brass in details.

Picking colors, remember that they create atmospheric, fill with meaning even the simplest things. Use not only scientist-approved colors, but any shades of it. Designers don’t advise to give up traditional classical and even just those that are close to you. Fashion is fashion, but the comfort of perception in the interior should be in the first place

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