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Perfect repair triangle: how is it applicable in real life?

Fast, high quality, inexpensive – these are the three sides of the triangle of the perfect repair. Does it always turn out to be equilateral? May be something does exceed expectations? Let’s see how this model is applicable in real life.

Not all, not immediately

Experience shows that it is possible to select only two of the three sides of the ideal repair. We get such combinations:

Let us see what affects each of the parties.

Affects time:

Affects cost:

Affects quality:

Everything is connected so closely that it does not matter how we twist our triangle, we cannot achieve ideally equal parties. However, you can approach them as close as possible. Here are seven tips:

  1. Make a budget and save it right on decorative elements, textiles, furniture. You cannot save on basic finishing materials, pipes, electricians.
  2. Evaluate your strength. Perhaps some of the work you can do with your own hands on a day off. Hire workers only where you need professionals.
  3. Choose the tested goods for repair at low cost. Give preference to proven manufacturers and familiar materials. Support the information with the comments of friends.
  4. Replace expensive natural materials in favor of economical analogs. They do not concede either beauty or practicality. Do not go beyond the possible budget for the sake of panels made of natural wood or marble on the floor.
  5. Look for non-standard solutions to make the interior interesting without expensive investment. For example, contrasting grouting between simple tiles in the bathroom will make the room much more interesting.
  6. To make the interior of the room uniquely, it is not necessary to order expensive wallpapers or hire a master to create a textured surface. You can minimize the using of artistic skill and with a stencil apply a picture on the wall.
  7. It is not necessary to buy exclusive things expensive salons. You can successfully restore the old couch, replacing the upholstery and repainting the frame. All exclusive decorative details are easy to carry out by own hands or to order from masters of manual work.

The best assistant in repair organization is a plan, analysis and readiness to compromise with time, quality and costs. If you keep a reasonable balance, it turns out perfect; or at least correct repair, the results of which will not disappoint you.

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