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Interior design of the bedroom: trend 2017

 Bedroom – it is a place where people have a rest after hardworking days and it is very important when an appointment helps to do it. The right choice of the bedroom interior design based on your own preferences, trends and special spirit of his room.

Color selection is inherent part of the interior design. The best way to make your bedroom is using of pastel shades and, according to trends; natural colors emphasize the human’s unity with the nature. Dark colors for the design of the bedroom are rarely in the trend, because they have a negative effect on the psychological state. Abundance of bright colors can bring you annoying, but as an accent bright color may be appropriate.

Textured finish is well suited for the walls, natural materials in the trend: wood tile, stonework, cork. Wallpapers are coming back to the fashion and accent wall also, which can be succinctly executed with the painting.

The ceiling should be lighter than the walls. Smooth surface is very good looking; you can reach this with the help of hanging glossy ceiling that was advised by designers, because it will give a visual volume. If the bedroom is large enough, you can use figured elements in the ceiling decoration.

When you design the floor, you have better use warm wood materials instead of cold stone. A small island made from the carpet and situated around the bed will add comfort to the room.

Дизайн спальни 2017The choice of furniture and decorative items for interior design of the bedrooms

The bed – it is the main component in the creation of the bedroom, so its location must be in the center of your attention. The headboard is better to be far away from the window to save you from the street’s noises.

Clothes storage area must be carefully planned and functional. For this purpose, you have better use suited dresser or wardrobe with mirrored doors.

For small items, books, accessories, you can use tables or wall with shelves. They are best placed at the sides of the bed.

When you are making choice in light design, it is better to focus on the chandelier and sconces. They give a soft light, and create more comfortable conditions for rest.

Mirrors are always in trend, but the designers don’t advise to arrange them the way you can see your reflection. Panels of mirrors and mirror installation are also in trend.

Do not forget to decorate the walls, here you can show your imagination and take advantage in the ideas of interior design bedrooms shown in the photos. Don’t leave the bare walls, because ascetic environment are making depressing mood.

Do not be afraid to make an experiment, to combine a variety of textures and materials, listen to your inner voice, and you can create the bedroom of your dreams.

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