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ZEBRA trademark was created in 1998. Today ZEBRA is the company leading brand and the most recognizable brand in the domestic market of paints and varnishes.

The origin of the brand name is a folk one. The consumers who took the fancy of the products called them this way due to non-standard labels in the form of zebra stripes deposited on each other, which favourably distinguished this paint from market monotony.

Zebra brand philosophy is “Production as for ourselves“.

To strive for the best quality, to form new standards is the purpose of TM ZEBRA.

Products of TM ZEBRA include high-quality enamels for wood and metal, primers, varnishes for various surfaces.

In 2007, TM ZEBRA received “The Best Domestic Product” Award. It signifies undoubtedly that the excellent quality and reasonable price of TM ZEBRA has won recognition in the Ukrainian market.

In 2015, “Anticorrosive Enamel” by TM ZEBRA became a winner of “100 Best Products of Ukraine” Contest (regional level).

The trademark website is www.zebra.ua.

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