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«TRIORA»  is a trademark specialising mainly in water-soluble products. Products have been produced under this trademark since 2003.

The brand’s phylosophy is “Quality above price”.

The products manufactured under this trademark are high-quality products that allow you to choose a variety of solutions for construction and repair. The superiority of the quality over the price is achieved through cooperation with European partners that enables the implementation of advanced technologies and development of innovative products.

All products under the «TRIORA» trademark are produced on high-tech foreign equipment.

The imported raw components are used in the manufacturing process. TM «TRIORA» Tinting Studios located all over Ukraine will provide any of more than 1000 shades from the «TRIORA» collection in less than 5 minutes.

Information on the range of products, on the properties of each product, its purpose and characteristics is provided on the «TRIORA» website.

The trademark websiteis www.triora.ua

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