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Test – drive interior paints for the children`s rooms

Everyone needs in the space, especially a child. Child`s room isn`t just place where child sleep and play. It is place where he CREATES. And that means that in the room he must feel himself comfortable. Walls must be painted by favorite color but at the same time they must be ECO and cleaned easily.

Last reason is very important because what walls in child`s room didn`t see: juice splashes, markers and others.

That’s why we examine what interior paint is better to use in the child`s room: matt paint by TRIORA, silky matt paint by TRIORA or semi – matt paint TRIORA.

Paints TRIORA correspond to sanitary and hygienic rules and don`t contains harmful substances like lead, which many manufactures added to their paints.

If you want to make the right choice, you need to compare their characteristics.


интерьерные краскиThough, if the walls have some faulties it is better to use matt paint TRIORA. But thanks to it factures it cleans more difficult.



интерьерные краскиIf you want to emphasize the structure of the wallpaper and present noble shine to the surface it is better to use silky matt paint TRIORA. Thanks to its glance the surface is cleaned easily.



интерьерные краскиSemi – matt paint TRIORA has raise level of shine and excellent emphasize the texture of the surface. Using semi matt paint TRIORA will help to create modern design of interior.




интерьерные краскиFor record: If you want to add something interesting to your interior you can combine matt paint and semi matt paint TRIORA. For example, on the matt surface you can make some ascents by semi matt paint TRIORA.

That’s why when you choose interior paint for the child`s room you need to understand what exactly you want to do and what design of interior you want to create.

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