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Such different primers – what to choose from the range of TRIORA

You know that a primer is necessary for high-quality painting, but you doubt among a considerable assortment, do not you? In order to be disappointed in the purchase, let’s find out how to distinguish TRIORA primers and which one will suit you.

All about primers

What is the meaning of priming the surface?

Primers differ from each other in constituent substances and in concentration. Concentration is responsible for the cover-up density on the surface and the adhesion of subsequent layers of materials. The lower the concentration, the more layers of primer you need. If after drying the primer, you run fingers on the wall and it leaves no traces, it means that you have a perfect coating. It is also important not to overdo it with primer. Otherwise, the wall will become smooth as a mirror and will not be able to retain the subsequent materials.

For all cases and surfaces

What kind of primers you know? They are divided by functionality and application areas. In the range of TRIORA, there are 5 types of primers.

  1. Универсальная грунтовкаUniversal primer speaks for itself by one name. It is a material with a low concentration of the constituent substance. It is well suited for base coating of normal walls, which do not crumble but absorb materials poorly.
  2. UNI GRUNT deep penetration primer is more saturated than a universal primer by composition. It can be used for crumbly walls, where you need a dense coating.
  3. Грунт-концентрат 1/5 TRIORAPrimer concentrate 1 to 5 is universal. It is used for any surfaces, has a very high level of concentration, thereby you can make any necessary primer with the help of adding water.
  4. Грунтовка гидроизоляционнаяWaterproofing primer. Its purpose is blocking the flow of water into the wall, to protect the surface. That is why this primer has the highest concentration. It is ideal for street works and damp premises.
  5. Биозащитное средство TRIORABIO protective agent. It is used for walls protection from fungus and mold. Agent is applied as a primer, on a dry and cleaned wall. If you decide to use this agent, do not forget to apply additional primer, because this one does not create a cover-up on the surfaces.

How to choose a primer?

Specify what exactly you need from the material. If this is just one of the steps of preparing the walls of a new building for repair, a universal primer is sufficient. If you need to repair the bathroom, then use the waterproofing primer by TRIORA. It perfectly penetrates deep into the wall, creates a dense cover-up that does not allow water to get into the plates, reliably protects from excess moisture.

Do you plan variety works? Primer concentrate 1 to 5 will be useful. You can dilute it as required by each coating.

There is a primer for each case. This is an important part of repairing any surfaces; with its help, you can create a really strong and durable coating.

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