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Blue colour: coolness in your house

The first colour which will help to calm down and relax in hot weather is blue. It is this colour that can be mostly seen in decorative design of seaside recreation centres or hotels.

Sea theme which has recently gained extreme popularity deserves a special article and will be considered in detail in one of our next articles. The match of white and blue colours has already become a standard solution in decorative design of bathrooms and kitchens.

“Cold” shades not only make the room cooler, but can also extend the room visually. This feature is especially helpful in small rooms.

If your anteroom is small, stretched and narrow, we advise you to paint it pure blue. Due to such a solution, the space will become not only visually bigger, but will also get filled with special lightness and purity — says Sergey Kovalenko, Marketing and Sales Director of ZIP Company.

Синий цвет

One more feature of blue colour is its strong influence on a person. For example, physiologists and psychologists proved long ago that this colour results in appetite reduction with most people. That is why dark blue or blue colour in the dining room interior should be used only if you are on a diet.

Blue colour can become the main colour of your sitting-room. After a hard working day, “the blue sitting-room” relaxes and calms down.

If you decided to use blue colour as the main colour of the room, we advise you to vary such blue shades as “Cup of tea”, “Fog over Nile”, etc. They can be used as a main colour of the walls – they can comfort, calm down and create the feeling of well-being. Light-blue colours are mostly chosen by women.

Darker shades, such as “Dynasty” or “Blue with purple”, should be treated more carefully since, if used excessively, they can cause melancholy. At the same time, dark tones can successfully be used to distinguish accents — says Sergey Kovalenko, Marketing and Sales Director of ZIP Company.

синий цвет с теплыми тонамиExperienced designers try to counterbalance blue colour with warm ones. The match of blue and yellow, red or pink colours will be perfectly suitable for decorative design of children’s rooms.

As mentioned at the beginning, the match of blue and white colours is considered decorative classics. Turquoise colour perfectly matches pastel tones.

In the next article we will tell you how to bring a part of the sea to a city apartment as well as about sea elements in décor.

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