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Liquid key MAGNUM

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Product Value:

  • Powerful injection for instant lubrication action
  • Contains a rust converter
  • Prevents freezing

Effective tool for quick disconnection of connections. Allows to quickly disconnection the nodes of any assembly type. Thanks to a powerful injection, it penetrates into narrow, hard-to-reach places.

  • Lubricates, reduces friction, eliminates jamming and creaking
  • Cleans from rust and dirt: easily dissolves grease, bituminous stains, removes glue residues, traces of insects. Prevents adhesion of dirt and dust
  • It displaces moisture and dries electrical contacts. Lubricant cover is a reliable barrier against water and moisture. Prevents leakage current and short circuit
  • Defrosts locks and hinges, prevents them from freezing
  • It penetrates easily and quickly into joints of parts, has excellent fluidity, separates jammed, rusted and caked joints
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