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Silicone lubricant in aerosol

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Product Value:

  • 35% more silicone
  • Water-resistant, water-repellent, frost-resistant
  • Withstands temperatures from -40°C to +200°C

Effective frost-resistant and water-repellent lubricant based on silicone. Ecologically clean product, odorless. Reliable protection against moisture, corrosion, temperature extremes. Provides ideal sliding to the treated surfaces, prevents freezing, facilitates installation and dismantling, protects against aging and cracking. Could be applied to metal, plastic, rubber, wood, glass, vinyl surfaces. Provides long-term protection, it is not washed off with water. For external and internal works

Due to its unique properties it is used both in everyday life and for industrial purposes.

  • For processing of various parts of the car: moldings, belts, rubber seals (for protection against cracking and preventing freezing), door locks, window rails, battery wires
  • In everyday life: for the lubrication of door locks, furniture (hinges, handles, latch), plumbing elements, washing machines, refrigerators, window rubber seals, sports equipment (skis, snowboards, bicycles, rollers, simulators, diving equipment), computer coolers, ensuring ease of installation and dismantling of plastic pipelines
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