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Reinforced tape

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Product Value:

  • Can be teared by hands, without the help of the scissors
  • High adhesiveness
  • Durability
  • Moisture resistance
  • High elasticity

Universal adhesive tape of silver color, created by unique technology, consists of three layers: polyethylene, reinforcing mat of fiberglass and glue layer. Thanks to them, the tape has a number of advantages over the usual self-adhesive tape. Reinforced tape also can be called plumbing, as it could be used for pipes sealing to eliminate leaks and for strengthen joints

Areas of using:

  • For minor repairs in everyday life (fixing tools, furniture, rubber or plastic hoses)
  • For cars (temporary protection of places of body damage, headlights, fixation of any elements)
  • For summerhouse (for sealing cover films, fixing garden tools, temporary sealing of gutters, etc.)
  • For systems of water supply, heating, air conditioning, ventilation: for winding pipes, for sealing gaps and joints of pipes, for temporary sealing of plumbing pipes
  • For packing and fastening of cargoes including heavy and large-sized (for sealing of container and protection of the goods from a moisture, for a winding up and fastening of cargoes)
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