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Decorative texturing paint TRIORA

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    • Drying time

      4-6 hours at a temperature +18-22°С and 65% RH

    • Coverage

      up to 1.2 m²/kg (up to 20 m²) for roller appyling, nearly 0.6 m²/kg (9-10 m²) for putty knife applying or decorative texturing

    • Thinner


    • Type of works

      Interior, Exterior

    • Containers

      5 kg, 16 kg

    • Washing resistance


    • Drying time

      24 months

    • Colour scale

      White, Tinting in tinting studios

Value of the product:

  • Ideal for creation of various patterns on the surface
  • High adhesion to the surface
  • Forms weather-resistant and water-resistant coatings also resistant to mechanical loads
  • Vapour-permeable
  • Easy and convenient to apply and texture
  • For interior and exterior use

Recommended uses:
For exterior and interior protective and decorative finishing. Recommended for finishing of surfaces with high operational load. Forms a specific uniform and rugged surface, creating decorative effects by means of texturing rollers, putty knives or a special tool for decorating

Suspension of pigments and fillers in water-based acrylic dispersion supplemented by various auxiliary materials

Surface preparation:

  • The surface must be dry, degreased and free of dust
  • The foundation should not have hollows and cavities more than 2 mm;
  • To level cavities, TRIORA putties should be used
  • Surfaces with high absorption, such as aerocrete, asbestos-cement, gypsum, as well as peeling off unsound surfaces should be primed with deep penetration primer by TRIORA
  • To improve adhesion to the surface, it is necessary to apply priming paint for plaster by TRIORA
  • If the texturing paint is tinted to a special colour, priming paint for plaster by TRIORA also must be tinted to the same colour (to avoid difference in colour shades during independent tinting, it is necessary to tint all necessary amount at once, mixing separate tinted paint portions)

If necessary, dilute with water for working viscosity (not more than 1%)

Application guidelines: 

  • Thoroughly stir the texturing paint before applying
  • Apply with a putty knife or a brush on the prepared surface, then texture with a rougher roller or special tools for decor
  • 12 hours later, decorative glazes, impregnations for highlighting the structure, e.g., TOP LASUR TRIORA with decorative effect, may be applied. The coating will be completely dry and able to withstand loads in 3 weeks. These terms increase at lower temperature and higher air humidity
  • The dried-up texturing paint can be removed only by exterior action, by grinding

Storage, transportation and disposal:
Keep out of children’s reach. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Protect from frost. Keep at dry and cool place at a temperature not lower than + 5°C and not higher than + 35°C, protected from direct sunlight.
Closed containers with residues have to be recycled municipal waste collection sites.

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