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Coloured lacquer DREVOTSVET Malva

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    • Drying time

      24 hours at +18-22°С and 65% RH

    • Coverage

      1L per 6–10 m²

    • Тhinner

      White spirit, solvent or their mix in 1:1 ratio

    • Type of works

      Interior, Exterior

    • Glossiness

      Silky-matte, Semi-matte, Semi-glossy

    • Containers

      0,5 L

    • Drying time

      12 months

Value of the product:

  • Protects wood against environmental factors
  • Imparts colour to the coating
  • Accentuates natural beauty and texture of the wood
  • Deeply penetrates into the wood

 Color palette:


Recommended Uses:
Used to decorate wood and protect it against environmental factors. Imparts colour to the coating, preserves texture and accentuates natural beauty of the wood

Application Guidelines:
Surface preparation:

  • Before painting, wooden surface must be previously sanded and cleaned of dirt and dust
  • Dry the surface out – before applying the lacquer, the surface must be dry!


  • If necessary, dilute with an appropriate solvent to working viscosity
  • If applied with a brush, the lacquer needs no dilution
  • Dilution with solvents other than the ones approved herewith and mixing with other paint-and-lacquer materials are not allowed

Application Guidelines:

  • Thoroughly stir before applying. Apply with a brush, by dipping or spraying
  • The first layer of the lacquer must get completely absorbed into the wood, then, if necessary, 15-20 minutes later wipe the excess of the lacquer with a sponge
  • After drying of the first lacquer layer, a matte rough surface may appear on some sorts of wood
  • This roughness arises due to raising of wood fibres when the lacquer gets absorbed into the surface
  • In this case, it is advised to polish the surface with fine sandpaper
  • To obtain a richer colour, apply 2-3 layers of Drevotsvet lacquer to the surface with 12-24-hour intervals
  • Depending on the number of layers, the surface can vary from matte to semi-glossy
  • To obtain perfect gloss, apply Zebra Lacquer PF-110 or PF-170 to the surface

Storage, transportation and disposal:
Keep out of children’s reach.Store and transport in a tightly closed original container protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Not afraid of frost. Closed container with the remains of the product should be disposed in the special organized places for collecting of household waste. Keep away from fire.

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