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Adhesive foam Grizzly

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    • Drying time

      24 hours to full drying

    • Coverage

      Max outcome 65L

    • Тhinner


    • Type of works

      Inside and outside the permises

    • Containers

      0,96 kg (0,86 L)

    • Drying time

      12 months

The value of the product:

  • Maximum output
  • Increased adhesion
  • Excellent elasticity and strength pasting
  • All season formula developed for Ukraine climate

The appointment of the product:
For gluing wood, concrete, stone, plastic, metal and others. Don’t use for teflon, polythene, greasy surfaces and silicone

The mode of application:
Surface preparation:

  • Working cylinder temperature is from +10 °С to +25 °С
  • Before appling, surface must be free from dust, grease and other contaminants
  • Apply primer on the basis of polystyrene plates and let to dry


  • Balloon shaked at least 20 times
  • Take off protective cap and tie the balloon to the gun
  • Balloon working position is bottom up
  • Apply adhesive foam along the perimeter and in the middle of the plate pressed to the base
  • Straidhtening plates are allowed to set for 10 minutes after bonding
  • After 2 hours set plastic stud

Storage, transportation and disposal:
Avoid direct sunlight and artificial radiation heaters. Harmful if it hit respiratory system. Irritating eyes and skin. During the work use protective goggles, gloves protection and respiratory. If foam injected skin or eyes rinse with water and immediately seek medical attention.
Use in a well ventilated area during work. Don’t smoke. Balloon after use don’t open and burn. Highly inflammable aerosol. Balloon with the rest of product utilize in special organized places collection of wastse.

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