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Glue for foam рolystyrene ZEBRA

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    • Drying time

      24 hours at +18-22°С and 65% RH

    • Coverage

      from 150 gr/м²

    • Thinner


    • Type of works


    • Containers

      1 kg, 280 ml

    • Drying time

      18 months

    • Colour scale


The value of the product:

  • Requires no exposure to air before gluing
  • No sharp smell

Recommended Uses:
For glueing decorative elements, ceiling and insulating boards made of compacted foam and extruded polystyrene, rigid foam plastic, synthetic fibre-based materials, radiator heat screens to be fixed to wooden, gypsum, mineral surfaces, MDF, WPB. For gluing foam polystyrene decorative elements if additional fasteners are used

Suspension of pigments in highly elastic water-based dispersion supplemented with auxiliary materials

Method of application:
Surface preparation:

  • The surface to be bonded should be dry, free of dust and oil

Application guidelines:

  • Use at temperature +5 °С and above
  • There are two ways to apply the glue: multi-point gluing or full-surface gluing
  • The open time (time during which the glued material can be moved, slipped) is up to 50 minutes depending on the temperature and absorbency of the surface
  • Glue For Foam Polystyrene does not require exposure to air before gluing
  • Remove excess of glue with a damp sponge
  • Wash the tools with water after use

Storage, transportation and disposal:
Keep out of children’s reach. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Protect from frost. Keep at dry and cool place at a temperature not lower than + 5°C and not higher than + 35°C, protected from direct sunlight.
Closed containers with residues have to be recycled municipal waste collection sites.

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