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Primer concentrate STAR Paint

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    • Drying time

      1-2 hour at +18-22°С and 65% RH

    • Coverage

      1L per 5-10 m² depending on roughness of the surface

    • Thinner


    • Type of works

      Inside and outside the permises

    • Containers

      1 L, 2 L, 5 L

    • Drying time

      24 months

Product Value:

  • Provides uniform paint application
  • Settle dust the surface
  • Steam-proof
  • Without a sharp odor
  • Dries quickly

Primer designed to prepare the surface inside and outside the premises. The primer can be used for concrete, plastered, plastered, brick, gypsum plasterboard surfaces before all types of repair work: painting with water-soluble paints, wallpapering, puttying, facing ceramic tiles etc

Mode of application:
Surface preparation:

  • The surface must be clean, dry, strong and free from grease
  • If the surfaces was previously coated with chalk, glue, lime or silicone paints, you have to get rid of old coatings completely


  • Dilute with water in ratio 1/4 (ground / water)
  • Mix
  • Apply in 1-2 layers. The second layer must be applied only after the full drying of the first one

Caution: avoid over-priming. The surface should not be glossy.

Tools: Brush, roller or sprayer

Solvent: Water

Precautions, storage and disposal:
Keep away from children! In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water.
Protect from frost. Store in a dry and cool place at a temperature of not below + 5°C and not above + 35°C. Store out of direct sunlight. Closed containers with product residues should be disposed of in organized municipal waste collection areas.

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