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Enamel for rust 3in1 with hammer effect ZEBRA Folk Craftsman

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    • Drying time

      “To tear” – 1hour at a temperature 20С

    • Coverage

      60-100 gr/m²

    • Тhinner

      Solvent or xylene

    • Type of works

      Inside and outside the permises

    • Glossiness


    • Containers

      0,7 kg

    • Drying time

      24 months

The value of the product:

  • Long-term anticorrosion protection
  • Excellent structure
  • Good light fastness

Color Pallette:

The appointment of the product:
For protective and decorative painting of metal surfaces with corrosion marks up to 100 microns. Could be used as a stand-alone coating. For exterior and interior work

The mode of application:
Surface preparation:

  • The enamel have to be applied to the surfaced, which are cleaned out from all the old coatings, dust and grease
  • Before using the enamel, the surface must be degreased with solvents №646, №647
  • Could be applied to the rusty surfaces
  • Flaking rust must be removed with the help of the metal brush, sandpaper or abrasive nozzle
  • The using of the rust and primer converter is recommended, but not mandatory

Method of application:

  • The enamel must be mixed thoroughly before applying
  • If there is a surface tape, it must be removed
  • The enamel could be applied with a brush, roller or with a short nap or spray

Storage, transportation and disposal:
Keep out of children’s reach.Store and transport in a tightly closed original container protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Not afraid of frost. Closed container with the remains of the product should be disposed in the special organized places for collecting of household waste. Keep away from fire.

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