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“TOP LASUR” decorative coating TRIORA

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    • Drying time

      1-4 hours at a temperature+18–22°С and 65% RH

    • Coverage

      1L per 10-15m²

    • Thinner


    • Type of works


    • Glossiness


    • Containers

      1 L

    • Washing resistance


    • Drying time

      24 months

    • Colour scale

      Gold, Tinting in tinting studios, Pearl, Silver

The value of the product:

  • On the surface creates a decorative effect in giving a gold, silver or pearlescent luster
  • Ideal for finishing the decoration of walls and paintable wallpaper
  • It is recommended to use in combination with the structural paint, decorative plaster, and also create a decorative effect on a painted surface
  • Using special tools, you can create a lot of textures and interesting effects

The color palette:


For a finishing decorative painted walls, textured plaster and wall-paper under painting

Suspension of special effect pigments and auxiliary additives in water-acrylic dispersion

Method of application:
Surface preparation:

  • Surface must be carefully prepared: to paint (to apply plaster)
  • The surface can be white or colored, depending on the desired effect

It does not require dilution

Application method:

  • Before application carefully to mix
  • Be applied using the selected tool (sponge, spatula, etc.)

Important! On the painted surface or the surface covered with decorative plaster, the lacquer should be applied only after full drying of the base

Storage, transportation and disposal:
Keep out of children’s reach. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Protect from frost. Keep at dry and cool place at a temperature not lower than + 5°C and not higher than + 35°C, protected from direct sunlight.
Closed containers with residues have to be recycled municipal waste collection sites.

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