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Sealing foam Grizzly

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    • Drying time

      24 hours to full drying

    • Coverage

      Max outcome 75L, Max outcome 50L

    • Type of works

      Inside and outside the permises

    • Containers

      0,4 kg (0,5 L), 0,75 kg (0,75 ml)

    • Drying time

      12 months

The value of the product:

  • Homogenal fine-grained structure. Excellent thermal covering
  • Low secondary enchancement. Prevent deformation of constructions
  • The all season formula is developed for the climatic conditions of Ukraine

The appointment of the product:
For installing windows and doors frames, filling seams and cracks, insulation pipes and drives, filling voids and holes, excellent adhesion to most building materials: wood, concrete, stone, plastics, metal. Has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties

The mode of application:
Surface preparation:

  • For better adhesion surface must be wet
  • The surface coating by foam must be free from grease stains, dust and dirt


  • Balloon shaked at least 20 times
  • Take off protective cap and tie the balloon to the gun
  • Balloon working position is bottom up
  • Apply the foam to 2/3 the width of the seam
  • To protect hardened foam against UV rays by using sealant, paint or plaster no earlier than 24 hours after application
  • After use immediately wash the gun with a foam remover

Storage, transportation and disposal:
Avoid direct sunlight and artificial radiation heaters. Harmful if it hit respiratory system. Irritating eyes and skin. During the work use protective goggles, gloves protection and respiratory. If foam injected skin or eyes rinse with water and immediately seek medical attention.
Use in a well ventilated area during work. Don’t smoke. Balloon after use don’t open and burn. Highly inflammable aerosol. Balloon with the rest of product utilize in special organized places collection of waste.

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