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What do you need to know when you are choosing a paint for the floor?

The floor is the part of the room which is most stressed. The floor covering needs to be chosen carefully, depending of the purpose of the room. There are a lot of options for coating: linoleum, laminate, carpet, tiles. The covering which was made from the natural wood is very stylish. Some of the modern interiors design means the using of the concrete floors. These surfaces are durable, and it is quite convenient because when you need to change the interior design the floor can only be repainted.

Before you paint the floor, you need to choose the right paint for this. When you are choosing a paint for the floor, you have to follow two basic principles:

  1. Immunity to the discolorment and saturation of the color

We hope that the color will hold on for a long time after coloring the floors. But under the influence of the sunlight and washing with detergents, usual paint is able to lose its pristine saturation and brilliance.краска для пола

  1. Resistance to the abrasion

The floors are constantly exposed to the friction and the light spots may appear on the areas if you painted the floor with the help of usual paint. Therefore, when you are choosing a paint for the floor, you have to pay attention to the presence of the “resistance to abrasion” properties.

The Enamel alkyd PF-266 “ZEBRA” – has not only a strong and saturated color, but also some wear-resistant properties. The enamel gives a saturation and gloss to the surfaces and save them for a long time. The palette of the enamel consists of the 4 colors and it doesn’t matter which color you will choose for painting the floor; the enamel will serve you more than one year.

To achieve greater wear resistance for wooden floor, paint it with the enamel PF-266 “ZEBRA” on the one layer, then coat the floor with a parquet alkyd urethane varnish “ZEBRAon the second one. Due to its increased hardness, the coating will serve you much longer.

To sum up, when you are choosing a paint for the floor, the paint has to be strong and resistant to the preservation of the color and shine, because the durability of the coating depends on these qualities.

Well, knowing this you can easily select the right paint for the floor, which will help you to protect the surfaces from the various effects, protect your health and fit into the interior

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