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What do you need to know when choosing the paint?

The sense of paint is not in price and not even in its color. Each repair material has a number of key characteristics. If you do not know them, you can get faded walls with streaks instead of the desired beauty. What is important to know when choosing the paint and how to understand which one you can paint the walls in your case – read in our prompter.

Selection by characteristics

Each paint is divided into types according to such characteristics:

TM TRIORA indicates in the description of its products everything – from the field of application and the painted part of the room to the specific of the painting. After reading the basic information, you can find the material that best suits your needs.

How to choose?

Consider the following factors:

Let’s look at examples. You want to paint the walls in the bathroom. It has a high risk of contamination, humidity and constant contact of walls with water. What do you need?

Semi-mat paint TRIORA is suitable according to these criteria. It has the first highest degree of resistance to attrition; it creates a covering with a pronounced gloss that practically does not absorb dirt. The surface is so close to the tile as possible – it can be washed with a soft washcloth using washing agents. The same material will be good for the kitchen and the hallway. The rooms with high probability of contact for walls with moisture and risk of contamination.

But what if you do not like surfaces with shine? Silky matt paint TRIORA is great alternative. It also has a 1-st degree of coating strength, only it creates a gentle velvety covering. It is often chosen in the nursery for a mild visual effect, and also it is well washed off from any contamination. And, finally, an option for walls that will not be so actively used, such as bedrooms and living rooms. Deep matte paint TRIORA is suitable for this. Matte paints in the interior are quieter for the eyes, creating an atmosphere of coziness and peace in the room. It has a second grade of attrition, which means a rare washing in case of contamination. With frequent washing, the covering loses elegant dimness. Therefore, these paints are recommended for rest rooms, where the walls are practically not operated.

An important detail: doubting the choice of paint, it is better to take one that has a higher degree of firmness. So you are guaranteed to insure yourself against unpleasant accidents.

Recommendations for painting: The choice of the paint is half the work. In your next step you should properly carry out the work and prepare the walls to cover. After all, even the most expensive and strong material will not give the desired result with the wrong preparation.

How to paint walls correctly?Как красить стены правильно?

The surface is needed to be clean, flat and smooth. Otherwise, the material could be impure, create an irregular color and an inaccurate covering.


Properly prepared, smooth, primed walls will significantly reduce paint consumption, ensure its overall spread, strong adhesion and durable covering.When choosing a painting tool, stop on the paint roller. It allows you to paint walls straight and quickly. Which roller to choose? The best choice for the wall is a roller with a nap of medium length. Rollers with a long nap make the layers of paint thicker and better suited for ceilings.Correctly chosen paint, careful preparation for work and careful execution painting guarantee you excellent results on the walls.


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