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What to use for coloring the wood?

Wood has always been highly valued in the interior because of its nobility, beauty, naturalness and durability. The painting of the wood is necessary to protect it from the moisture, and other influences. To solve this problem, the paint market represents a wide range of the materials for wood processing: varnishes, azure, aerosols, wood paints. ТМ TRIORA has developed a special series TRIORA NATURE, which was designed to handle exclusively wooden surfaces.

Before you start to paint the wood, you need to choose the suitable material for this. The choice should be based on:

Covering the wooden surfaces with the help of the paints is no longer relevant, because the paints hide the wood structure. Therefore, they were replaced by transparent varnishes and azure, which emphasize the natural structure of the wood.

покрасить деревоThe coloration with the varnish

The painting with the varnish is used for the surfaces that require a high degree of protection against moisture, ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage. For example acrylic varnish TRIORA NATURE, forms a strong protective tape on the surface due to its structure. The varnish is colorless, it emphasizes the natural structure of the wood and gives a glossy sheen to the surface.

If the paint for wood has already been used, the varnish can be applied with a second layer to increase the strength of the coating.

покрасить деревоThe coloration with the azure

The painting with the azure TRIORA NATURE preserves the natural structure of the tree and creates a glossy sheen. You can give the shades of the noble wood to your surfaces with the help of the azure. Due to the absorption into the surface, the azure doesn’t form a tape on the surface, however it still protects the surface from atmospheric influences.

Before painting the wood, experts recommend to use the wood protection primer TRIORA NATURE to protect the surface from the moisture, fungi and mold, and to improve the adhesion of the coloring material to the surface.

Summing up, the painting of the wooden products and surfaces is necessary to extend the life of their operation, protecting them from moisture and mechanical damage, and to emphasize the natural beauty of this noble material

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