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Metals painting scheme with the PF-115 enamel using

The garage doors recoloring, the gates or pergola upgrading, the bench color changing … Have you already purchased materials for seasonal works? The enamel PF-115 by ZEBRA “Folk Craftsman” series is the best choice for working with metals, according to the experience of masters. Why is it only enamel, but not another paint? Metal is a specific material and the most important thing in working with it – is the product protection from the influence of the atmosphere, so that rust does not appear. Enamels are created taking into account these features and today it is the best material on alkyd basis for works on the street.

Why the enamel PF-115 by ZEBRA “Folk Craftsman” series is the people’s choice?

It is possible to update any metal surface qualitatively or to protect new products effectively with the help of enamel. With proper work, the enamel can serve up to 5 years. Use a professional hint,  if you want to repair some products.

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