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The paint-and-lacquer materials market of Ukraine: sum up the results of 2017

The Ukrainian paint-and-lacquer materials market entered in 2018 with positive prospects. The overall economic situation is improved insignificant, which gives hope for the development of the domestic paint-and-lacquer materials industry.

The last year of the “ZIP”

In comparison with 2016, the paint-and-lacquer materials market became more stable in 2017, demand grew and some new products appeared. This applies to both industrial products and paint-and-lacquer materials for domestic maintenance.

Specialists noted that materials durability increasing is a trend. Now customer are interested in the protection abilities of the materials: what kind of protection material can provide and for how long.

The consumer part of the paint-and-lacquer materials market was divided into the two segments. The first include those who want to save money, prefer cheap products, do not care about high quality and is ready to repeat work on protecting the surface every year. The second part include consumers and professionals, for whom the quality of coverage and its long service are important most of all.

What problems the manufacturers of paintwork materials in Ukraine are faced with? How do they see their solutions?

Среди основных проблем производителей лакокрасочной продукцииThere are the main problems of manufacturers of the paint-and-lacquer materials market: high lending rates, a shortage of raw materials, its unstable quality, small demand. There are also the main difficulties provoked by the general situation in the country: an insignificant level of growth in the main macroeconomic indicators, a low investment attractiveness of the Ukrainian economy, a lack of available sources of financing, and high inflation against the background of low consumer purchasing power. Manufacturers of the paint-and-lacquer materials are completely dependent on this.

The nearest prospects of the Ukrainian coating materials

The executive director of the Association of Ukrainian manufacturers of the paint-and-lacquer materials Alexander Brichkov said in one of his interviews that water-dispersion materials are expected to have the greatest prospects for development and demand increasing.

The fact is that the global requirements for environmental standards are constantly increasing. Even the air quality standards for different premises, such as schools, food industry enterprises, and public institutions have developed. Moreover, most of the world’s manufacturers of paint and lacquers materials put on the first place the safety of paints. Striving for Europe, Ukraine also cannot avoid this side.

The executive director of the Association of Ukrainian manufacturers of the paint-and-lacquer materials noted that today all our enterprises produce water products that fully comply with European standards. The only “but” is the price. That is true – high quality and safe material cannot be found in the cheapest segment of the paint-and-lacquer materials market.

The problem of the cheap materials popularity is that the consumer does not take into account the terms of operation. For example, you can paint something with cheap and unsafe paint every year for 5 years, and you can paint just once and have a good result for all the 5 years. The second option is more expensive, but also more safe and quality. Striving for one-time savings, in the end the consumer loses both in value and in quality. If you really need a product of European standards with an eco-friendly composition and guaranteed long service, it is worth investing in it.

Достойное Делать ДоступнымAs for “ZIP” products, the main principle of the enterprise’s work is to make worthy available. ZIP today deliberately refrains from the cheap products producing. Our goal is to make a product that does not concede the product of world producers, but at the same time, it is affordable for our customers.

Specialists in the paint and lacquer industry are cautious with the forecasts of the development of the paint and lacquer materials market next year, but they hope that the market growth trends will continue. In many respects, everything depends on the overall economic situation, the profitability of other enterprises, the development of construction and the well-being of people. If the growth in the economy continues, the capacity of the paint and lacquer materials market increases also.

The information from the materials KAPSTROY.KIEV.UA is used for this article.

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