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All advantages of primer concentrate

What do you know about the primer? Universal – for all repairs, waterproofing – for wet rooms, deep penetration – for loose walls. And what is the use of primer concentrate, when there is already a primer for any repair case? We tell about the concentrated primer and its use in repair.

What is the primer concentrate and what is its special feature?

The paint and varnish enterprise ZIP produces two types of high concentration primer in different price categories – TRIORA and Star Paint. Primer concentrate was developed as an alternative to an universal material taking into account complex repair objects. It contains more active substances than any other material. This is the reason for the possibility of using the primer in both the primary variant and in the less saturated state. For example, primer concentrate TRIORA is diluted with water to a consistency of 1 to 5, and Star Paint – to a consistency of 1 to 4.грунт концентрат Star Paint

Advantages of priming concentrates are that using one material it is possible to perform work on different surfaces, and only 1 liter of primer can process the area to 50-60 m². This simplifies the process of purchasing repair materials, allows you to save money.

What can I do with a concentrated primer?

What do you need to know when working with primer concentrate?

грунт-концентрат особенностиDeciding to buy a concentrated primer for work throughout the house, assess the condition of the walls in the rooms.

After the primer has dried, check the condition of the surface. Draw a hand over the wall: if there are no traces, then there is enough primed, if there is – an additional layer will be needed.

When working with a primer, be careful when diluting the material, assess the condition of the surface, consider the consumption, focusing on dedusting after each finishing work. Basic information is sufficient for successful work with a concentrated primer.


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