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Will the painting save old house?

Repair is an investment into the house service duration. Therefore, if you want to leave the house to your grandchildren as an inheritance, facade repair is not desirable, but is mandatory. We will tell you about the repair advantages and façade paints work principles.

Why repair is necessary?

The purpose of any finishing work is to protect the surface. Any uncoated material collapses faster. What is the reason? Each surface on the street is exposed to three atmospheric aggressors:

All this takes place at a microscopic and initially imperceptible level. However, after 10 years, cracks appear on the house, slabs become more loose and vulnerable – the wall loses solidity.

How the facade paint can help?

Correctly executed wall decoration significantly extends the service of the house.

Attention: repair of the house

It is not enough just to paint your old house. Only stage-by-stage works can provide effective result.

Очистка поверхностиStep 1. Surface cleaning

Old paint on the facade or partially fall out plaster – everything must be removed from the walls. The cleaner the surface, the stronger new applied materials hold.

Удаление грибкаStep 2. Fungus Removal

Fungus may appear on the facade near the drainpipe in most private houses. It is necessary to clean it up to a clean wall, and apply the bio-protective agent by TRIORA in places of the mold origin. It is important not only to eliminate the hearth, but also its cause. Perhaps you just need to repair the drainpipe.

Грунтовка стенStep 3. Walls Priming

The primer of the cleaned walls helps to secure the smallest bits of material and cover the microspores. This makes the slab smoother, reduces absorbency, and increases adhesion of the walls. It is better to choose primer according to walls condition. It is possible to use primer concentrate by TRIORA. In high concentration, it firmly adheres to the particles of loose walls, and diluted with water allows priming plastered walls. If you want to create additional protection against moisture, use the waterproofing primer by TRIORA.

Выравнивание стен шпатлевкойStep 4. Walls aligning with the help of putty

The putty can help you to level all the defects with depth up to 4 mm, making the surface perfectly smooth, suitable for painting. Facade putty by TRIORA contains micro-marmot in the composition, which gives the coating a high strength. A huge plus of TRIORAs’ putties is that they do not interfere with the air exchange of the slabs.  After the full drying of material, all the projections should be sanded with sandpaper. Then remove dust and re-primer the surface.

Покраска фасадаStep 5. Painting

For the walls of a residential house, you need to buy acrylic paint with “facade” mark. Facade paints by TRIORA are designed for any atmospheric conditions. They are self-cleaning and do not burn out. 

How to choose the paint? Take into account two nuances:

The finishing works on the facade are time-consuming, so sometimes it is better to thoroughly spend on repairs and enjoy it the next few years. The service life of the façade paint by TRIORA ranges from 7 to 15 years.  All-weather facade paint by TRIORA on an alkyd basis is the “Longevity” among these materials. It has the highest degree of resistance to atmospheric phenomena and mechanical damage. The paint can be applied even at temperatures below freezing. It does not wear off, does not burn out, can be applied to fresh, recently applied cement coatings.

How to paint the house beautifully?

Как красиво покрасить домIf you take up the painting of the facade, it is better to think about the aesthetic side. One of the most popular options is painting the house in two different colors. A darker shade is for the basement part, a lighter or a contrast for the upper one.

Often, windows and doors are shaded with another color; walls are decorated with a picture or with the help of the hombre technique. Mostly, the facade of the house painting and its design in many respects resonate with the design of the interior. The main thing is that the color favorably looks and harmonizes with the whole look of the yard.

What should be taking into account repairing the facade?

Yes, painting the house is not an easy job. However, the result it brings is worth it. With the proper performance of works, the renovation of the facade would be a long-term investment into the beauty and long service of the building.

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