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Handmade Wall Painting: Fashionable Effects with the Help of the Spray Gun

How to make the fashionable interior? – Easily! Especially if you have a spray gun, interior paint and … our article about how to create a spectacular design with your own hands.

A Simple and Complex Tool

Why are spray guns so popular today? They were designed to simplify and speed up the painting of the walls. It is much more easily and conveniently to paint large surfaces and hard-to-reach places with the help of the spray gun.  With this tool, you can quickly apply a uniform coat of paint, using a minimum of materials, and color the curly details in a quality manner without extra efforts. Spray guns are used not only for painting flat surfaces, but also for original decorative effects making.

Would you like to use a practical tool? – Well, it is a good idea! Let’s find out how to work with it, the main features of applying materials and some interesting design ideas.

What the Paint Must be Like?

Какой должна быть краска?

Let’s start from main thing. It is a paint. All the interior materials by TRIORA according to its density are designed for application with the help of a roller or brush. For the spray gun, the paint must be quiet liquid. Finished material must to be diluted with clean cold water not more than 20% of the total mass. So as not to overdo it with the liquid, start to dilute, gradually pouring water and stirring.

Estimate the density of the paint. How to estimate by eye is the desired consistency achieved? Initially, in its density, the paint resembles liquid sour cream. After dilution, the material should be slightly thicker than milk.

Sprayer Settings and Checking on the Surface

Настройки пульверизатора и проверка на поверхностиThis is the next stage of the test and preparation work. Pour the diluted paint into the bulb of the spray gun, set all settings in the middle mode and try to apply some material to any test surface. For example, on a sheet of cardboard. If the paint is being applied evenly and there are no gaps, then all settings are appropriate. Works can be started!

Important: you have to paint at a distance of 30-40 cm from the surface.

Now let’s talk about the location of the nozzle on the spray gun. Most machines allow you to paint with a dot, a horizontal or vertical oval.

The adjustment of pressure, paint supply and speed of the material application are also the key points in the work.  Let’s consider three basic ways:

  1. For the uniform coloration with one layer, the average settings of the spray gun are optimal.
  2. If it is necessary to get large splashes in the decor, then:
  1. If you want to get the smallest spray, then:

 What Can be Done with a Spray Gun?

горизонтальное омбре вертикальное омбре

The effect of “Hombre”The most popular spraying effect is a gradient color or hombre. It allows you to combine light and dark shades of paint, perform a transition of colors. Firstly, apply on the wall the paint, which is the basis of the gradient. The next layer of another color overlaps the previous one, creating a smooth transition. Color strips are made horizontally or vertically, adjusting their width to your liking.

The effect of “Hombre” can be performed in several ways:

Hombre is very simple to perform even for those ones, who use the spray gun at the first time.

Брызги золотаThe color is in the center. Another option is to paint the walls in several colors. If in the case of an hombre effect shades are applied in stripes, this effect involves a change of colors from the center to the edges of the wall. The first color is applied in the central part of the wall. Apply an intermediate color around the center. The last one fill the wall at the edges. It is effectively, unusually and perfectly applicable in any interiors.

Цвет – в центреColor abstraction. If there is a paint of several colors, which are left from the repair in the apartment, you can successfully use it for the original accent wall creation. You have to start from the last corner. Apply each color in turn, gradually, spraying the paint in the places where you want to see just such a shade. The latter you can add several bright strokes in different parts of the wall. They balance all the colors involved.

Рисунок трафаретомDrawing with a stencil. This is good option for large drawings, patterns, original painting of large areas. To fit the pattern well and smoothly onto the wall, use a self-adhesive application film to secure the stencil. Therefore, it tightly fixed on the wall, and the paint does not go beyond the boundaries of the intended pattern. After removing, the film does not leave unpleasant glue traces.

Цветная абстракцияGold Splash. What an excellent option! Decorative works with shiny materials. For making this, the base wall covering must be performed in any color (just one shade). Then, on the top of the first coating, a shiny material ТOP Lasur by TRIORA must be applied. You can easily do this with the help of large spray. By the way, TOP Lasur also requires dilution to a more liquid state.

The spray gun is a convenient device that opens up new, interesting possibilities. Use them for quality repairs, unusual interiors creation and the boldest ideas implementation.

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