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Why it is not allowed to apply the paint in one layer?

One would think – what is wrong with the one layer painting? After all, it saves the material, the money and, of course, our time. However, what we get in the end of such savings? Is the result worth it?  We learn what the specialists say about the painting rules and why it is strictly forbidden to apply paint only in one layer.

Philosophy of correct painting

Философия правильной покраскиWhy do we paint different surfaces? It is does not matter whether it is metal or wood. The main purpose of painting is to create a protective layer and decorate the surface.

What is important for the protective layer?

What do the decorative qualities require?

The layer that paint creates on the surface is called hiding power. High-quality paint for walls with high level of hiding power creates dense cover-up, rich color and a uniform layer. Paints with more economical formula form a thin coating, but in some places, the color may look watery. Here, the additional layers of paint can help.

The second layer of paint – is the error correction

Второй слой краски – работа над ошибкамиThe second layer is the guarantor of the qualitative result achieving. Walls painting in the interior works requires the obligatory application of two layers of paint.

How to paint the walls and get the perfect coating? It depends on the quality of the paint you have chosen.

In the work with inexpensive materials, it is recommended to apply paint in 2-3 or even more layers. Paints that are more expensive should be applied in two layers. For example, interior paints for walls by TRIORA have a high level of hiding power, are applied to the surface economically. One liter of the interior paint by TRIORA is enough to paint 12 m² of surface. The consumption of the material is small, so this does not entail additional costs, only pleased result.

Now a little about the consumption of paints. Choosing between cheap and expensive, think about how much you need. It is possible that it is more profitable to buy more expensive material with a high level of hiding power and apply it in two layers than buy cheap one and paint the wall in 3 layers, with a large consumption of the material.

Adhere to the golden rule of the 2 layers and always get the excellent result of the work.

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