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Apartment reshaping: in accordance with the law, in peace with neighbors

Ukrainian government does not require permission for internal re-planning work of the apartment since 2017. This simplifies the procedure greatly, but does not remove the responsibility for the unsuccessful work. How to rebuild an apartment and do not become an enemy of neighbors and communal services? A useful hint – next.

Give rebuilding!

Today, most of the re-planning work of the housing is available, except those one, which relate load-bearing structures. These include the external walls in the houses, the walls that separate the apartments and that face the stairwell. They are thicker than usual partition walls, serve as the basis for the construction of the house, hold the upper floors and are a kind of skeleton built. Violation of the bearing wall can lead to the cracks in the walls and create a threat of collapse. You should not take risks – it is better to discuss radical changes in the department of capital construction.

What can we do painlessly in our apartments?Что мы можем безболезненно делать в своих квартирах

What does require the permitting documents and the subsequent commissioning?

What awaits the violators?Что ждет нарушителей

What to do for legal adjustment?

Contact the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI), order a redevelopment project and technical documentation. In the future, if someone wants to change the already new apartment plan, it have to repeat the same procedure. On average, the procedure will take about a month.

Finally, the last, small, but very important nuance. When planning noisy work, remember that on weekdays they are allowed from 8:00 to 21:00, and on weekends and holidays only after the consent of all neighbors.

Observing the basic building requirements and simple human factors, you will be able to maintain peace with neighbors and services and successfully complete any repairs.

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