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Transitional style in the interior: what is it?

Someone prefers the classics; someone is interested in more daring interior solutions. There are those who find it difficult to choose a way of the house decorating. The golden mean in the name of transitional style was created special for those people. Today we will be acquainted with it in detail.

Каков он, переходный стильWhat is the transitional style?

A style balances between strict classics and laconic minimalism. Transitional style has taken the best parts from each of them. From traditional interiors, there was an elegant design, soft natural colors. Modern solutions, however, added simple geometric shapes, lightness, and new ideas to decorative decorations.

Five Transitional Style Differences

  1. One color range and different shades in the interior. The monochrome walls of light color would be look great. For example, from white to gray, from brown to cream. This style welcomes neutral shades, as close to natural. The colors of the earth, trees, stones, grass. The task of the interior is to pacify.
  2. Natural materials. This does not mean that the transition style accepts only the wood and nothing else. It is just better to use cold plastic, metal and glass minimally.
  3. Applying different textures. This technique is used to diversify the design of the room. For example, a wooden floor with a smooth wall looks good or a one-color textured upholstery of furniture against the background of light walls.
  4. Simplicity in furniture. The classic likes carving and curls, but here light geometric shapes and even lines are appropriate. What is more? – The absence of gold and silver decorative elements, ornate upholstery. Everything should be simple, but beautiful.
  5. Minimum of bright and catchy accents. In room decoration, it is better to dwell on one or two details. Choose accents in color, close to the main range of interior. It is good if the details can convey the hobbies or character of the owners of the house.

Will it be fashionable?

А будет ли это модным

Yes, of course. What’s more, according to the designers’ forecasts, the transitional style will be fashionable for more than one season. Its universality, convenience and comfort have taken the audience by storm. It is organic with what the older generations are accustomed to and at the same time not boring for young people. Adhering to the traditions, the transitional style harmoniously interweaves the newest technologies, modern materials, and ways of registration of habitation. Foreign agencies of architecture and design are developing new unusual ideas and solutions for this style, covering them and implementing them in interiors. Therefore, the transition style is a good trend, which is worthy of attention. Its goal – to create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere in the house, which have a pleasant rest and enjoy your favorite business.

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