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Pantone 2018: the most popular colors for interior of the spring-summer season

Down with the severity of winter! Hello, spring-summer palette! The color laboratory of Pantone has presented a new palette of the warm season. Interior design of the houses will be brighter, juicier, and more emotional with it. Choose your summer color.

What the colors of the new palette interesting with?

The spring-summer colors of Panton 2018 were collected in a palette, convenient for using in interiors. Pink, blue, yellow tones perfectly match each other, creating original combinations. There are also four offered classic colors in addition to the main palette:

Thanks to traditional shades, interior designers can perform the base in low-key tones and complement it with colorful trend accents. Such projects are practical – interiors are easy to change over time without large investments.

So, what colors of Panton will decorate our environment in the warm season?

  1. Ультрафиолетовый - Ultra VioletUltra Violet

Purple hue is the color of the year 2018. Since the beginning of the year, it has been used actively from furniture to walls painting. Best of all this tone looks with good light, contrasting with light shades.

How to make an ultraviolet room, you can find here.

  1. Иволга - MeadowlarkMeadowlark

Bright, sunny color helps to refresh any interior. Use it in the window area – so the room visually becomes warmer and brighter. By the way, the combination of ultraviolet and yellow is very popular today to create accent elements.

  1. Помидор Черри - Cherry TomatoCherry Tomato

Energetic red is the best color to revive any apartment interior. Use it dosed, in separate elements of the environment. The red chair in the traditional interior creates an impressive effect.

  1. Мальчиковый голубой - Little Boy BlueLittle Boy Blue

The delicate color of forget-me-nots looks great not only in the children’s room, but also can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Perfectly combined with classic beige and blue.

  1. Масло чили - Chili OilChili Oil

Red with a brownish tinge visually makes the interior warmer. Perfect for living rooms and kitchens. Favorably combined with white, beige and blue. Textile elements look very beautiful in this color.

  1. Розовая лаванда - Pink LavenderPink Lavender

A slightly noticeable lilac ebb in the pink color looks fresh and very gentle. It is better to use this pink in summer on the sunny side of the house. It creates the illusion of coolness. The color of pink lavender can be underlined with blue or ultraviolet.

  1. Цветущий георгин - Blooming DahliaBlooming Dahlia

This peach shade is very warm, ideal for shady rooms of the north side. Most often, it is combined with red, green, brown creating the design of apartments. The bedrooms look great in the peach color.

  1. Аркадия - ArcadiaArcadia

A clean and fresh shade of green is a profitable pair to any of the Pantone 2018 colors. Any combination repeats the natural colors of your garden’s colors. Zonal painting of the walls, upholstery of furniture and decorative details is the optimal application of this shade.

  1. Эмперадор – EmperadorEmperador

It sounds complicated, but it looks delicious. The brown color of the chocolate creates a soft soothing atmosphere. It balances the bright colors in summer interiors, and adds heat to the house combined with red, milky and pale blue in winter.

  1. Едва лиловый - Almost MauveAlmost Mauve

The hue is so light that it is barely noticeable. Reminiscent of vanilla ice cream or milkshake. Ideal for combination with blue, purple, oily and brown. It is useful as a basic shade of the interior.

  1. Весенний крокус - Spring CrocusSpring Crocus

Light crocus is an excellent alternative for those one, who love purple, but not ready for a daring purple color. It is relevant in any room of the house as the main color of the walls. It can be combined well with light classical tones, pink lavender, yellow meadowlark.

  1. Лаймовый пунш - Lime PunchLime Punch

Bright yellow with a salad shade is the brightest color of the spring-summer season. It is just perfect for interior details and elements. White, gray, beige – it is a win-win combination. If you want to risk, use a lime punch with purple and pink colors.

Do not deny yourself bright colors, look for new solutions, and change the environment with the spring palette of Pantone 2018.

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