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Oleg Zakhorolsky: “The best idea is to listen to yourself and always work with yourself!”

How to find the right idea for a successful business project creating? What should be laid in the basis of your company development and how, despite everything, to ensure the efficiency of labor? Oleg Ivanovich Zakhorolsky, a leading paints and lacquers enterprise of Ukraine “ZIP” founder, answers all this questions in the following interview.Захорольский Олег Иванович

  1. Oleg Ivanovich, you could grow a large industrial enterprise out of a simple personal need. Its products satisfy the basic needs of our consumers. Could you give and advice to beginners, about how to recognize the successful idea and what are its prospects?

Ideas come when you face a personal problem, when you see some kind of a gap in the proposal of others and when  you understand how to do something better.

It happens like – BOOM! – and your confidence in something becomes manic, only yours – it does not give you any sleep and you are ready to put everything in order to do it as you know.

Of course, you need to weigh everything. That is how your energy is born! If it is more then you fear – you are invincible. Try it!

It is necessary to do it so that you could achieve the intended result. It is probably the most difficult – about 99.9%! Because then in the process systematically you understand the value of knowledge. Therefore, the need to learn and your true knowledge are born!

Only then – with a successful practice, you find out whether your idea successful or not!

Nevertheless, I think that you should not look for ideas – you have to look for yourself. You must be happy! Believe me – master in any field is successful, as much as its skills are better than others are. Ideas in business are needed every day.

The best idea is to listen to yourself and always work with yourself!

  1. You started your business in the special 90’s. If we compare the opportunities for creating and developing business then and now. – What are the main differences between these periods?

I understand that time can be different, but it is only for those who compare it. Then-and-now children are born, trees turn green, graduates dream of the future, young people fell in love, and people do something… Yes, the possibilities are always somewhat different – but they are still equal.

Sometimes it seems to me that it was easier then. I was young and hungry. Age is important – it largely determines fears and energy. There was commodity famine in the country. Crime was terrible! Raw materials and information were not available.

Sometimes it seems easier now. There is more wisdom; there are Internet and access to any goods and raw materials. Other relationships, other times, other opportunities and challenges. It is not necessary to compare periods of the external environment. This is a common misconception. We need to compare different us in different periods of time.

  1. What kind of difficulties business in Ukraine can face with today? What options do you see as an experienced leader for an exit from crises?

My answer would be short. The entire external environment in the country, just to please, – resists and constantly creates new challenges. You can feel it as personalities and families. Business is the same cell of society. Only our professionalism and our relations help us, they also have many claims. The focus of attention is more on survival, not on competition.

  1. What should be in the foundation of business? Is it finance, knowledge, some kind of moral principles? What is the basis for success and what helps you to stay afloat during these years?

Relationships are at the heart of any (not monopoly) open business. This is important. This is what we should concentrate on. Only this determines the future. The rest is a derivative.

  1. Has the consumer changed somehow? Gas it become more demanding or vice versa, the pace of life made people less attentive to the goods? What do modern Ukrainians expect from domestic producers?

ЗИП ЗахорольскийYes, the conditions for consumer has become much harder than yesterday. There are many options for choice, so many alternatives. The possibilities of our consumers are very limited. Our task is to help them with their choice. Therefore, I consider it is important that manufacturers are responsible for the quality trait that each business identifies. We understand this in ZIP Company! This, to some extent, explains our market positions.

It is not money, but relations are at the heart of business today! I am sure in it. The government, unfortunately, does not protect people as consumers. Therefore, it is something we must do; this is the contribution of each of us to the future of the country.

It is possible to protect yourself and your family only with the help of knowledge. Do not neglect them!

Sincerely, Zakhorolsky. O.

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