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Painting the walls in the color blocking style: trends 2018

Do you feel that it is time to upgrade the house? Do you want to add more colors? Then a new trend is for you. What is the color blocking? How to use it in interiors? We tell everything in this article.

Where did color blocking come from?

Designers say that the artist-abstractionist Piet Mondrian was the first one who use the reception of a block combination of colors and show it to the world. Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent intercepted his idea and released a famous collection of dresses in the 60s. After them interior designers began to apply color blocking in homes.

картина Пита Мондриани платья Ив Сен Лорана

How to use color blocking in the interior?

The simplest and the most famous way of interior blocking colors is to sort objects by colors. For example, arrange books on the color of the roots.

Sometimes designers use this technique in accessories. For example, a bright sofa and a cube of different colors are put against the background of a bright neutral wall.

However, the most popular option of color blocking in the interior is the painting of walls with interior paint of different colors. Colors should be combined with large segments in a geometric figure. It can be squares, triangles, just a combination of geometric shapes in the pattern.

What are the trends of color blocking 2018?

If you want to make your interior as fashionable as possible, use the color trends of 2018 in the color blocking. Many of the colors of this palette perfectly match with each other, and can act as bright accents.

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Five rules of color blocking

5 правил color blocking color blocking color blocking в интерьере

  1. Use the dyeing technique in blocks on large and free walls. Nobody notice the colors playing in a small room between the cupboards.
  2. Having decided to use the color blocking, work on the correct combination of colors. Designers suggest the most successful combination – it is close colors. For example, blue, gray, dark-blue; red, orange, yellow. Sharp contrasts look very bright, that is why choose colors carefully, so that you are comfortable with them.
  3. Apply the rule of bright colors combination: 60% is the main color, background, 30% is additional one, and 10% is accent.
  4. Do not use patterns in color blocking. The color should be clean, without any inclusions.
  5. Do not use many bright elements. Choosing blocking for walls, refrain from bright accessories or use those colors that you have already used in painting the walls. The abundance of bright details makes the interior tasteless.

Use this technique to make the house individual, add new moods to it. Color blocking fits perfectly into minimalism, the Scandinavian style and loft. It allows you to keep the interior of a calm base color and at the same time to bring bright colors into the house.

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