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New old loft: what materials must be used to create it

Originated in industrial areas of America and exquisitely modified by bohemia, the industrial loft is firmly on the list of the most popular styles. It is welcome everywhere – in small one-room flat and chic mansions, in restaurants and beauty salons, in offices and coworking space centers. So that the style will not get too boring, it underwent some changes in 2018. Do not worry; the democracy and the spirit of freedom have remained. However, the materials have become even more diverse. We are going to tell you all about the new old loft.

Five points of the loft style support

Having set up to create an interior in the loft style with your own hands be sure to adhere to its fundamental principles:

  1. Open lay-out, spacious spaces;
  2. Large windows and abundant daylight;
  3. Functional zoning of the room;
  4. Full freedom in furnishing, concise model of the furniture;
  5. The minimum of the decorative elements;

It is a business card of an industrial interior and the important fundament you have to start from, if you choose it for your home.

What is new in the old loft?

We have identified two main areas this style has changed in. These are new colors and extended options of the interior design.

The Palette Updating

Until quite recently, the cold palette was used in this style. Gray, metallic, black, white, dark brown and their muted shades were combined in the interiors. The purpose of this palette was to convey the atmosphere of industrial premises as much as possible.

The updated style has preserved the atmosphere, but made it warmer, adapted for home interiors. Now you can use beige, yellow, orange, terracotta, purple, green and blue. The most daring designers even combine several bright colors in one room.

Such color changes are conditioned by the general interior trends of the New Year. After a long color lull, people want to be surrounded with bright, strong shades. Brilliant colors this year can be seen everywhere and there is no exception for loft.

New solutions, new materials

Thanks to the color palette updating, the list of materials that can be used in industrial interiors now has expanded. Initially it was gray brick, concrete, metal, wood with minimal processing. Today the style is not so strict and allows us to use comfortable interior materials.

Кирпич = под кирпичBrick = brick imitation. It is not necessary to expose the walls to the original brick foundation in the interior design. It is better to create a cozy imitation of the masonry. For example, the structural paint by TRIORA is modeled perfectly. With its help, you can make expressive reliefs on the wall, transfer any desired pattern. As an example – an excellent effect of “Travertine”, which proves that even a brick can look warm and home-style.

Не простой бетонNot a simple concrete. Carelessly applied concrete is another finishing material – designers’ favorite. It can be replaced with the help of the decorative plaster with “lamb” effect. Using a special filler, this plaster creates the effect of a time-battered surface. Moreover, your walls are insulated with an additional coating; they are resistant to various damages. It is a very rational alternative to concrete coating.

Дерево или ламинатWood or laminate. Not only wooden boards, but also laminate are widely used today as the floor coverings in the loft style. Gray covering or covering with the effect of wiped wood looks no worse than a natural counterpart does. This is especially true in homes with old floors. If your parquet is more than half a century old, it makes sense to replace it with a new coating. It is more hygienic and practical.

Теплый металлWarm metal. Loft cannot exist without it. However, if earlier only gray cold metal was accepted, then today yellow brass is used widely. By the way, brass and copper are in the interior trends of 2018. Metal or metal plates can be used for finishing walls or flooring. It is a very interesting solution.

In addition, there are different materials, which imitate patterns of the concrete wall, brick, stone or metal. They are used in the industrial style little by little. These can be wallpapers or ceramics, but you have to be careful with them, if you do not want to turn your interior into an unsuccessful stylistic imitation.

Do not forget that the style of industrial premises does not accept a lot of textiles, lush curtains, ruches, capes and pillows. Avoid plastic, ornate forms, unnecessary details. This is something that cannot be in an interior that conveys an industrial atmosphere.

The modern loft is flexible enough, but you do not need to abuse it. Remember about five basic requirements and advisedly experiment with novelties. Then even in a compact apartment, the industrial style will look appropriate and effective.

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