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Could wallpapers be used in the bathroom? Four key arguments

They got unstuck on the second day, covered with mold, lose color – we heard a lot of terrible stories about the wallpapers in the bathroom, didn’t we? Are you afraid to repeat the bad experience and still use tile? How wrong you were! Today, the wallpaper has become a full-fledged coating for the walls of the bathroom. And here’s the weighty evidence in favor of wallpaper.

Why do not we love wallpaper in the bathroom?

It is natural for a person to use what has been tested by the experience of other people. It seems more reliable and sound. The wallpaper for bathrooms is an atypical material. It is unusual and seems a little bit strange. But, with properly selected materials for gluing and surfaces preparing, the wallpaper in the bathroom shows useful benefits.

Arguments in favor of wallpaper

  1. They have mercy on a budget. Even expensive wallpaper as a result is cheaper than tiles;
  2. Work with your own hands. You do not need to hire anyone. It is a plus in favor of saving;
  3. The speed of work. Repair with wallpaper takes not much time. You can finish repair in the bathroom over the weekend;
  4. The simplicity of the repair. Are you tired of the environment? Did dangerous mold appear because of the increased humidity? Thanks to the wallpaper, it is much easier and more affordable to improve and renovate the room, than with tiles.

What kind of wallpaper is it better to choose for a bathroom?

Какие обои выбирать для ваннойThe first and most important rule for choosing wallpaper is – “NO paper!”. All paper based wallpaper is very fragile; they are easy to tear. They absorb moisture quickly, that is why they begin to unstuck and lose sight.

Moisture resistant wallpapers are optimal for bathrooms. What can we find in the market?

  1. Washable wallpaper. The simplest option to be selected. Their surface does not allow water to enter the material, the wallpaper is kept on the walls well and does not get sluggish.
  2. Self-adhesive. They also have good moisture resistance, and are easy to glue. The peculiarity of these wallpapers is that they require a perfectly even wall.
  3. Vinyl wallpaper. It is a practical coverage, which has a high density, does not swell and can be washed. The walls do not lose appeal, even after years of using in the bathroom.
  4. Glass mural. The material is not afraid of water or steam. Wallpaper has texture and could be painted. If you want, you can update the interior.
  5. Liquid wallpaper. Very beautiful material, resembles a textile coating. After applying penetrates into the cracks and visually hides defects. It’s easy to work with this material, even if you are not professional, you still can get an effective result.
  6. Wall linoleum. It is not quite usual cover in our lands. And it is our loss! Linoleum for walls is elastic, it is easy to glue in corners and joints, it has a high moisture resistance and mechanical damage. And due to the interesting design solutions, the wall linoleum looks very stylish.

What is it necessary to do to keep the wallpaper for a long time?

It is better to use more moisture-resistant coatings in the most “wet” places – at the washstand, in the area near the sides of the bathroom if you want the repair to serve you for a long time with high quality.

Experience shows that the wallpaper in the bathroom can serve you about 5 years. No more, no less. It is enough to get bored with the interior a little and get desire to update the bathroom. This frequency of repairs is a laborious and expensive process with tiles using. So if you love changes and variety, choose wallpapers for bathroom boldly.

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