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Can the cleaning in the house miraculously change life

General cleaning in the house begins as a small revolution, but does not always meet expectations. Yes, the windows shine and the carpet is washed, but the closets are still filled with useless things. How to say good-bye to them without regrets? There are some proven methods of the effective cleaning of the house … and life.

The Science of Order

Наука порядковThe process of establishing order is not as simple as it seems. General cleaning requires a plan and its strict implementation. An expert in the orders from Japan, Marie Kondo devoted years to study, analysis and development of techniques for establishing order. Her book “Magical cleaning” is in great demand. Moreover, Marie drives to the clients’ house and helps them to make order. In practice, only the “Komari” technique really helped to bring the desired order. What are her secrets? First of all – cleaning is not just as domestic work, but also as a magic rite of cleaning the home, motivation for changes. Each of the rules of the technique, in addition to practical advice carries a psychological message.

Rule number 1.

Make order in stages and not in rooms, but in things. So the cleaning of the deposits will be much more effective. Today, go through all the books in the apartment, tomorrow – through the clothes. After sorting things out, sort them in stacks. There is a defect – send items to the dump stack. The thing is fit and in good condition – a separate pile. Of course, with this approach, quickly remove the apartment does not work, but the achieved result will surprise and help to maintain order for a long time.

Правило уборкиRule number 2.

Live with that, what pleases. The philosophy of proper cleaning says that from all the things you need to leave only those, which bring positive feelings. If the thing does not cause you any emotion, most likely, you do not use it. Time to say good-bye.

Rule number 3.

“What is unnecessary trash for one – is an inaccessible luxury for another”. After moving things and sorting them into piles, find the right and worthy application for them. Wash clothes in good condition and give them to poor people, old blankets will be useful in a shelter for homeless animals, and you can donate unnecessary books to the library or to junk.

Rule number 4.

All in places! After the capital sorting a lot of space are gotten free in the cabinets. The remaining items should be sorted as conveniently as possible. Think about what in arrangement of things caused you inconvenience and change them. What do you use rarely? Put it in the closed cases. Keep things for everyday use handy.

What do we get after cleaning?

Что мы приобретаем после уборкиIn a tidy house, you will not lose the time for searching things among the blockages; it is easier to maintain order; the interior, decorative details become more noticeable; the style is felt. If you want something new – get rid of the old and free up the space. This belief is work. General cleaning will not bring global changes in life, but will accurately effect on the worldview. It will teach us to choose really important and meaningful from the surrounding world, to say goodbye to the irrelevant and outdated, to let go of oppressive emotions and memories. It is likely that a large cleaning in the house is a message from the depths of the soul with a desire to make changes for the better.

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