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Lilia grinevich, the minister of education and science of ukraine have visited the educational centers of “knauf” and “triora”

Within the framework of the working trip to the Kharkov region, Liliya Grinevich, the Minister of Education and Science and Pavel Hobzey, the Deputy Minister of Education have visited the State Educational Institution “Regional Center for Professional Education in Building Technologies of the Kharkov Region”. Today the Center is famous with the newest educational projects and is one of the leading educational institutions for the training of technical personnel.

The visit to the Educational Institution and meeting with the peculiarities of its work was conducted with the participation of L. Karpov, the director of the Department of Science and Education of the Kharkov Regional government department; G. Amirbekov, the director of the Educational Institution; Mr. Toralf Weise, the representative of the E.Shyok Foundation; T. Ostapchenko, the head of the educational projects department of the enterprise “KNAUF GIPS Kiev”;  E. Ozarchuk,   the engineer of the paint manufacturer “ZIP”; T. Ruslanova, the director of the Scientific Methodological Center of vocational education in the Kharkov region, as well as the members of executive board of the vocational education institutions of the region and representatives of enterprises-customers of skilled personnel in the region.

Министр образования Министр образования Лилия Гриневич

During the visit, the Minister were acquainted with the author’s staff work of the institution for the development and application of pedagogical software. She also visited the paint workshops, which are equipped according to the joint Ukrainian-German pilot project in the sphere of TVE.

Lilia Grinevich was interested in the prospects of using the elements of the dual form of education in vocational schools, as well as alternative forms of cooperation with social partners, using the example of the Center’s pilot project.

Thanking for the fascinating meeting, Lilia Grinevich expressed her hope for a feedback with the teachers of the region and the head of the Center. In particular, she noted the importance of the interaction of similar institutions of TVE with companies, which are potential employers.

Министр ознакомилась с работой учебный центр ТРИОРА

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