Промышленное предприятие ЗИП

Paint-and-lacquer Business

IE ZIP LLC – a modern high-tech manufacturer of paints and adhesive materials wide range of applications with its own branch network in Ukraine.

Technological capacity can produce more than 60,000 tons per year. Lines formed on the basis of high-performance equipment of leading world manufacturers of machines for the paint industry NETZSCH (Germany), Profarb (Poland), Oliver & Batlle (Spain), Fast & Fluid Management (Netherlands).

Production of water-soluble paints made on the automated line, which is made by Spanish manufacturer «Oliver & Batlle» individual project.

Among Partners IE ZIP LLC one of the most famous producers of chemical products such as BASF (Germany), DOW (USA), Bayer (Germany), Eastman (USA), Evonic (Netherlands), Chromaflo Technologies (Netherlands).

Today “spare parts” – a company that is among the five largest paints companies in CIS. Our trademarks are trusted and carefully studying the views of consumers, we are constantly improving ourselves and grow. We create and distribute products that make life brighter and more comfortable. We help our customers get more out of life!

Річна фінансова звітність та аудиторський звіт ТОВ ПП «ЗІП» за 2019 рік, оприлюднено відповідно до Закону України від 16.07.99 р. №996-XIV «Про бухгалтерський облік та фінансову звітність в Україні».

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