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Life hack: how to check if the walls dried after puttying?

Walls preparation for painting necessarily involves a number of works. Each of them is carried out only on a dry surface. Attention! How to understand that the surface is 100% dried? Remember the master’s life hacks.

What is important to know about the materials drying?

  1. Что важно знать о высыхании материалов?How much time it takes to putty to dry depends on the thickness of its layer. A thicker layer is applied where there are holes in the wall. As for a preparatory alignment it is enough a thin layer. You can check if the putty dried on the thickest layer.
  2. How much the applied material dries directly depends on external conditions. The drying time of the putty on the label is calculated for coating with a thickness of layer up to 1 mm and is set taking into account specific external parameters. For example, the average drying temperature of materials + 18-20 ° C, humidity should not be above 65% and necessarily – the complete absence of drafts. If one of the indicators does not match, the time changes. Take into account only tested results.
  3. Do not accelerate the process with external influences! Blow the wall with a blow dryer, heat the air indoors or putty the facade in the open sun. All these actions speed up drying of only the first thin layer, but do not bring the final stage closer. Specially dried surface then can be cracked and spoil the decorative coating. Wait for drying naturally.

What are the drying stages and how to check the surface?

стадии высыханияExperts share the process of drying any material in four stages. They are tested by a simple test method in an inconspicuous area.

  1. Dust can be removed without consequences. Try blowing on dust or wiping, just touching the surface. If the coating remains intact, then the first stage of drying has already passed.
  2. Covering drying by gumminess. If there are, no prints left on the wall with a light touch pf your fingers.
  3. Complete drying. There are no traces left when you press on the surface. Press the material with your fingernail. You can determine how the surface have dried out by clarity of print.
  4. Polymerization process. This is the final curing of the coating throughout its thickness. After polymerization, the material literally cannot be cut down with an ax.

How to determine the dryness of putty “by eye”?

The dry, grounded wall has a homogeneous uniform color. It is almost not extruded under mechanical influences. Such a surface is ideally prepared for the application of the following layers of materials. Have a successful repair!

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