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How to buy paint for the children`s room

Children`s room is the place where child spent most of his free time, and it must be bright and cozy. To create bright coloring in the children`s room can help exactly the paints. But one paint is differing from another. How to choose paint to children`s room correctly? Let`s look.

What paint choose for the children`s room?

Parents who carry about their children`s health very often abandon painting walls. But paint is universal method which can help to create bright design in the children`s room and it will serve longer than another covering for walls. You just need to choose the “right” paints.

What does it mean? “Right” paints – first of all is safe paints. That’s why choosing paint for the children`s room it is need to be ECO and doesn`t contain harmful substances. Nowadays some paint manufactures are added to the paint lead to achieve more bright colors. Lead is harmful not only for children`s health but also for adults.

Paints TRIORA are safe for person`s health because they don`t contain lead. Also they are ECO and are according to sanitary rules.

Paints TRIORA haven`t pungent smell, are easy applied on the surface, are thixotropic and dry quickly. This qualities are very important when you choose paint for children`s room. Depending on what effect you want to achieve on the surface you can choose matt pain TRIORA, silky matt paint TRIORA or semi-matt pain TRIORA.

If you want velvety walls you can choose matt paint TRIORA. краска для детскойIf you want your surface to have pronounced luster you need to choose semi-matt paint TRIORA.
Silky matt paint TRIORA makes your surface nobler. If you want to create interesting decisions in interior design you may choose matt and semi-matt paint TRIORA at the same time.

And if once your wall will be covered by applesauce or your child decided to draw your family portrait- the surface could be cleaned easily.

Choosing paint for the children`s room you need to know next:

  1. The paint must be safe (doesn`t contain harmful substances, to be ECO)
  2. Easy applies on the surface and dry quickly
  3. Has abrasion resistance
  4. Cleans easily.

If you know this principles you will chose the best paint for your child`s room very easy. And you will create bright and unusual design of interior which will be safe for child’s health.

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