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Paint on the walls – or how to make fashionable bright walls?

Create a unique interior – very easy! It is enough to combine a few colors. For yourself, you can pick the most striking and unusual colors, thus creating the incredible design of the room.

5 the best variants color hacks

Among the designers are very popular painting walls in 3 colors. Single color can be attractive by itself, a combination of 2 colors looks nice, but the combination of 3 shades adds a special elegance. The colors must blend together.

  1. You can make the delicate transition from one color to another. To do this, choose the closest shades, such as mint and blue or some neutral shades such as beige and gray.
  2. The gradient color or the effect of ombre is more expressive. In this case, the color transition is carried out from the very light tone to the saturated.

яркая стена насыщенный цвет яркая стена в интерьере

How to make ombre effect, you can watch here.

  1. You can create a bright and unique design by combining contrasting colors, such as blue and red, or orange and lime. Adding white color, you can emphasize the effect and the expressiveness of color solutions.The modern design allows you to experiment, for example, one wall can be painted in gray, and the second – in pink with bright elements.
  2. One of the most common options is to divide the walls horizontally; one part of the wall is painted in one color, and the second – the other. Most often the boundary between colors is held at the level of 2/3 of the floor, but if you wish – it may be higher or lower.
  3. A fresh trend this season – coloring in the style of color blocking. In this case, the wall is divided into geometric figures, each of which is colored with a contrasting color. Strict forms balance bright colors, the room looks elegant and bright.

How to make color blocking your own hands, you can watch here.

подбор цветов для интерьераIt is need to know, that color matching is often made depending on the purpose of the room. Trend “3 colors” can be used for any room: kitchen, bedroom, living room and children’s room. To the children`s room is preferable to choose light soft colors, which does not irritate the child’s psyche. Calm colors are also suitable for bedrooms, but you can play with the contrast in the kitchen design.

For painting the walls in 3 colors better to prefer paints that will not melt during operation, dries quickly, does not turn yellow after drying and does not have a strong smell. These qualities have paint “TRIORA”.

Thus, the boring and gray walls can be easily self-revive, creating fashionable and trendy interior design at home.

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