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About us

“ZIP” – company with a long history, which began with the “garage production” of glue and has developed to a huge corporation sizes.

The corporation includes:
IE “ZIP” LLC – production and sale of paints and varnishes and related products.
“Etalon Pak” Ltd. – production and sale of metal containers.
“Promzipaktiv” Ltd. – transport services.
“ARDOR-TRADE” LLC – is the only one exclusive distributor.

ZIP Corporation share a common professional and social policies based on common values ​​and methodological approaches.

Our mission: “Worthy to make available”
We are making decent products at affordable prices to our customers. Making decent affordable for our employees and partners using our advantage – our beliefs.

Our values ​​and business principles help us to remain successful today and look with confidence into the future, while maintaining a balance between profit, customer satisfaction and well-being of our employees.

We understand that it is we ourselves create the reality in which we live and work. Each of us creates a beautiful, bright world in your heart, in your soul, in your family, in your team – so we are changing the world!

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