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About us

“ZIP” is a company with a long history that started from the glue production in a garage and developed to the size of the corporation. The corporation includes:

ZIP” Ltd.  – manufacturing and selling of paint and glue products;

“Etalon Pack” Ltd. – production and selling of metal containers;

“Promzipactive” Ltd. – provision of aerosol packaging service and transport services;

“Ardor-trade” Ltd. – an exclusive distributor of “ZIP” output and related products.

Enterprises of a corporation are united by a common professional and social policy, which is based on shared values and methodological approaches.

Companies’ management policy


We live only once. Therefore, it is not allowed to live like we have a second life. Everyone is unique.

Creating an environment, which gives a chance to fulfill him- or herself for every worker who shares our beliefs is a competitive advantage that will lead to the growth and formation of an outstanding company.

Our beliefs:

Our mission:

“Do make worthy available!”

We make worthy products at affordable prices.

We make worthy available for our fellow workers and clients using our competitive advantage – our beliefs and values.

Statement of founders to fellow workers of corporation “ZIP”

Our company was founded from scratch in 1995 with the unique mission – to improve own life and lives of people who collaborate with the company to create a world with its values and the environment that gives comfort and a chance of continuous development at the same time.

Our social mission is to help people to gain a new degree of freedom through developing their talents.

The main worths of the corporation are our employees.  The corporation seeks to create conditions, which ensure the growth of their welfare and possibilities for professional and personal progress.

In our professional and private sphere, we try to live with the following principles:

  1. To build our actions according to laws, moral norms, values, aesthetic policies, and rules of business running.
  2. We use an honest approach to business, respectful attitude towards people, and organizations that work with us.
  3. In the company, it is customary to work at full strength and put life into the work while realizing your hidden potential.
  4. We evaluate the work done not by quantity and time, but by quality and practicability.
  5. We aim to justify the trust of our consumers. Our products and services should be decent, worthy, and affordable.
  6. Every one of us is the representative of an organization in society. We believe that we bring benefits for the community while with joint efforts, we improve the surroundings and ourselves.
  7. We behave respectively with the surroundings. We understand that kindness and tact start with self-respect and respect for each employee.

The Golden Rule of a corporation states: “Treat people the way you would like they treat you.”

We should understand that only we create the reality in which we live and work.  Usually, the reality differs from the expectations.

That is why we need to create our world. Everyone can create a wonderful and fair world in their own heart, own soul, own family, and a team. In this way, we change the whole society!

Our goal is to help our workers achieve the greatest success in professional growth, self-realization, and well-being.

Our motto:” Do make worthy available!”

That concerns our clients, partners, workers, and everyone who collaborates with us.

The job should not only be loved and be enjoyable but bring a person closer to understanding the meaning of life and his/her place in it.

With a team spirit, we gain a huge inner impulse for self-development and begin to take actions needed not only for us but for our country.

I urge you to be involved in our company “ZIP” to participate in its work actively, to support it morally and with actions.


Sincerely yours, Oleg Zakhorolskyi

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