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Achieving the current market position of spare parts was made possible by close collaboration with customers who trusted the high quality of our products. To the entire production cycle of international standards, it was decided to implement a Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008. This certificate confirmed that production of the company adheres to all procedures during production. APP has frequently been the winner of the prestigious national competition – “Top 100 best goods of Ukraine”, “Best paintwork”, “Slavonic Bazaar” and others. In national competitions, the company received the award for his contribution to the city – “For Service to the City”, “for his contribution to the preparation of wide events dedicated to the 255 anniversary of the city of Dnipropetrovsk.” Production of spare parts – the highest quality at an affordable price. .

Tж¦лT¦УT¦ЧT¦ШTжTмTжTж T¦ТTж-Tж-Tж-T¦Р 2007_ Tж¦пTж¦+-116 Tж¦-Tж¦м Tж¦зTжTжTж-T¦РTж--1 255 ¦¬¦¦TВ ¦¦ 100 ¦¬TГTЗTИ¦¬TЕ TВ¦-¦-¦-TА¦-¦- 2004 100 ¦¬TГTЗTИ¦¬TЕ TВ¦-¦-¦-TА¦-¦- ¦г¦¦TА¦-¦¬¦-TЛ 2004 ¦ЫTГTЗTИ¦¬¦¦ TВ¦-¦-¦-TА 2007_¦Я¦д-010¦Ь ¦в¦Ь ¦Ч¦¦¦-TА¦- ¦ЫTГTЗTИ¦¬¦¦ TВ¦-¦-¦-TА 2007_¦У¦д-021 ¦в¦Ь ¦Ч¦¦¦-TА¦- ¦Ы¦¬¦+¦¦TА TА¦¦¦¦TВ¦¬¦-¦¦¦- ¦в¦Ю¦Я 100 ¦Ч¦- TА¦-¦¬¦-¦¬TВ¦¬¦¦ TН¦¦¦-¦-¦-¦-¦¬¦¦¦¦ 2007 ¦Ч¦- ¦¬¦-TБ¦¬TГ¦¦¦¬ ¦¬¦¦TА¦¦¦+ ¦¦¦-TА¦-¦+¦-¦- 2005 ¦Ф¦Я¦Р 2007 ¦Ф¦Я¦Р 2004 ¦Ф¦¬¦¬¦¬¦-¦-_¦ЫTГTЗTИ¦¬¦¦ ¦-TВ¦¦TЗ¦¦TБTВ¦-¦¦¦-¦-TЛ¦¦ ¦¬TА¦-¦¬¦¬¦-¦-¦+¦¬TВ¦¦¦¬TМ 2007 ¦Ф¦¬¦¬¦¬¦-¦- ¦ЫTГTЗTИ¦-TП ¦Ы¦Ъ¦Ь 2004 ¦Ф¦¬¦¬¦¬¦-¦- ¦б¦¬¦-¦-TП¦-TБ¦¦¦¬¦¦ ¦-¦-¦¬¦-TА 2004 ¦з¦¬¦¦¦- ¦-TБTБ¦-TЖ¦¬¦-TЖ¦¬¦¬ 

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