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The story


Захорольский О. И.

Probably, in the life of each person, sometimes circumstances develop so that you have to change the current way of life, disrupt the course of familiar events, make new decisions and start something new.

It so happened that in 1995, I got the hook. And not only me, but also some of my close friends, who like me before worked in the Leader cooperative in Dnepropetrovsk. This was due to the fact that in these years it was difficult with work, or rather with paid work. Therefore, over the course of several years I dragged many friends and comrades to me, and, therefore, I was responsible for the income of their families. Above all, I was very ‘mentally’ with them. We were familiar for a long time and probably knew everything about each other, and therefore we felt each other’s shoulder. These are the backyard boys as :


Igoriok Karpenko,
Vovchik Davydov
Sierioga Gubskii

There was and is another person who is inextricably linked with all steps from the very beginning. Siergiei Naumenko was that man. Read more

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